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Grow Your Business with 5 Web Development Strategies in 2021 ! - Media Ira Corp.

Grow Your Business with 5 Web Development Strategies in 2021 !

Grow Your Business with 5 Web Development Strategies in 2021 !

If you were given the opportunity to skip 2020 – you wouldn’t blink a second to grab it! The pandemic, lockdown, and recession – all of this in combination has brought the world into pieces. Businesses have suffered immensely and with too many players in the online market, the margin for error is less. You have to be spot on with your strategies to engage your target audience. 

With 2021 now in the picture, there’s a lot of hope and optimism for the new year to be far better than what we experienced in 2020. As a business, your digital presence and growth strategies have become prevalent. You’ll constantly find yourself looking and adapting to new strategies that will help keep your business relevant.

Here are 5 strategies that you can use to increase your business in 2021:

Emphasis on Microsites: Instead of concentrating on building a website with a complex set of pages, try a single-page website. Microsites or single page websites are easy to maintain and are ideal for those who are trying to set up a new business and don’t necessarily have the time and funds to do so.

This will help you in targeting specific audiences. WordPress is a powerful tool for creating micro sites in particular.

Go for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Accelerated Mobile Pages provides higher UX, and help to speed up the website’s loading time. AMP plugins are known to offer an excellent user interface and do not require any complex coding. This will certainly helps enhance the much desired mobile-friendly user experience.

Single Page Applications (SPA): With single-page applications, you can provide the users with a speedy web experience, along with interactive features. By and large, SPAs are highly attractive, as these are meant to offer instant and quick feedback to a user. Remember, users landing on your site don’t exactly want to waste their time scrolling through information not relevant or of interest for them.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence essentially uses algorithms and machine learning to facilitate certain tasks. To a large extent, the algorithms make use of data provided on your website and can help automate processes, which in the long run will create efficiencies and go a long way to help your business scale. By integrating AI into your website, you will also be in a position to optimize the website and make it more user-friendly.

Progressive Web Applications: This is a newer web development technology that offers advanced options, such as, offline mode, interactive web, and an app-like experience. It makes use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript web technologies, which further helps to deliver high-end web applications. This can prove to be a highly beneficial strategy for your web development.

The focus here is more on providing the best platform to the users. By increasing the efficiency of the website, you are ensuring that your audience has the best user experience. Ultimately a good and user-friendly experience is what encourages someone to continue navigating through your website. Merging form and functionality with latest strategies to implement on your website will guarantee a successful user experience!

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