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6 Ways to Select a Trusted E-Commerce Web Developer for Your Website - Media Ira Corp.

6 Ways to Select a Trusted E-Commerce Web Developer for Your Website

Web presence is crucial for your business to achieve success. Having a strong Web presence can be a big factor in keeping yourself ahead of your competitors. Therefore selecting the right Web developer to construct your site is crucial as it can have an enormous impact on the final result of your website.

Imagine your website as a virtual counterpart of a brick-and-mortar store. An enticing window display will invite customers in and well-assembled products will stimulate them to browse and purchase. Stores that are bestrewed and disorganized will discourage people from walking in. The look and feel of your website can have the same impact on the audience browsing through, if its not user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it can often create an unpleasant experience for the viewer.

Additionally, an e-commerce website unlike other websites, requires additional attributes such as SSL configuration, site architecture, payment options, design, page load speed, and to name a few. You require a platform that supports appropriate server resources. Otherwise, your store could distinctively slow down or crash when you see an uptick in site visitors.

E-commerce Expertise

Unquestionably, there is a significant difference between an organization website and an e-commerce website. While a regular site provides customers pivotal information about your business, an e-commerce site permits those customers to purchase your product/service through the website. It’s important to seek the right web developer with e-commerce expertise to ensure your online store functions flawlessly and is a seamless experience for your customers. It is imperative to look for developers with established history of building functional, intuitive, and secure e-commerce solutions tailor-made to each business client.

Style & Aesthetic

For the most part, a professional Web developer should be able to put up a site to your exact specifications; however, various developers will usually display trademark styles. Before finalizing your website’s theme, it is vital to browse the portfolios of several Web designers to get an idea of which developers fit the style and overall appeal that you imagining for your e-commerce website. Partnering with a company that lines up with your aesthetic preferences can save time and create efficiencies down the road.

Seek Reviews

Once you have shortlisted several Web Developers with e-commerce expertise and portfolios that line up with your requirements, it’s time to do some research before finalizing the Web Developer. It is vital to go through each developer/company’s customer feedback and testimonials to get a better picture of how each company works with its clients. Generally, companies will not post negative comments on their website, but testimonials can be valuable for creating an opinion of their service. If possible, search on the internet for organization reviews on third-party websites where you’re more likely to see both positive and negative reviews.

Consider Maintenance & Ownership

Business owners mostly overlook one critical characteristic of web design: Who has direct access to the site? A Web Developer or company providing lower rates may seem like an enticing choice, but if you have to pay the developer every time you require an update to your site, the expense will add up over time and cost you more eventually. Furthermore, if a design firm retains ownership of your design after completion, you could face issues if you decide to revamp your branding down the road. It is best practice to own your website’s design when its completed by the developer, so you can make changes to your site in the future easily without incurring additional or recurring costs.


Many e-commerce websites have special functions, like shopping cart systems or interactive Flash menus. The more complex the functionality, the more back-end programming will be required and that creates a special need for professional web developers or companies. Therefore, it is important to know what functionality is crucial for your website and your user-experience and which developer has the expertise in implementing those functions seamlessly.

Now its time to look for a Web Developer for your e-commerce business! We hope you consider Media Ira as part of your research. With several years of professional experience and expertise in Web Development and other digital marketing services, we can be your one stop shop for all your digital needs. Contact us today and lets chat further on how we can help boost your digital presence for your business!