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How Black Hat SEO can kill your business? - Media Ira Corp.

How Black Hat SEO can kill your business?

Black Hat SEO refers to practices that conflict with the guidelines of search engine and are utilized to expand the search ranking of a website. Black Hat SEO strategies overlook searcher aim and endeavor to keep away from best practices by deceiving the framework and acquiring search perceivability through exploitative practices. Black hat techniques incorporate cloaking, stuffing of keywords, and utilizing private link networks, and so on.

Types of Black Hat SEO practices:

Paid Link

Paid links can be explained as any backlinks that have been purchased to look extraordinary to the web crawler. The idea is to drive the likelihood to get backlinks by showing heaps of sites connect to yours, which makes your site look great in traffic in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. These are often bad quality links, acquired in large volume through link farms developed by several related sites, and the links are practically spam.

Spam Comments

It is one of the many Black Hat ways used by marketers to gain a large number of backlinks. In this process, someone can comment on a large number of blog posts with a link back to their specific website. Essentially spamming other websites with their links.

Duplicate Content

This refers to same content that appears to be on more than one site. This can be content taken from different websites. It gives we search tools a difficult time to craw the content on various sites and show the right snippet of data. This type of practice can fall under plagiarism and cause copyright issues for your website.

Keyword Stuffing

This method usually involves the frequent insertion of a specific word or phrase into text to make it more likely for search engines to pick up the webpage. This was considered as a usual practice in SEO, but due to the overuse of content, the readability gets decreased drastically. Hence, search engines put a stop on this practice recently.

Invisible Text

This could be performed by applying some strategies, for example, composing paragraphs with the same color as the background so it blends in or covering the text behind pictures. This type of content, which for the most part includes unbalanced keywords, is not visible to visitors of the website, however search engine web crawlers perceive this as actual content on the website.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are set up in the website in a specific way so that a user is not able to find these pages through the navigation menu or search bar of the site. This tactic is used to help rank good in the search results and divert users into the website through a spammy page.

Google has cautioned marketers that black hat strategies are corrupt and that websites who constantly adopt these practice can be penalized in the search engine. Their web crawlers have become more complex recently and smarter are pointing out these black hat SEO strategies. You’re better off working with organic, White Hat, meaningful and efficient SEO strategies that will generate excellent results for your website rather than Black Hat, sneaky strategies that could get your website in trouble with the search engines.