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How Google webmaster affects your SEO - Media Ira Corp.

How Google webmaster affects your SEO

Majority of SEO experts depend on Google Webmaster Tools commonly known as GWT to evaluate a number of technical aspects of any website. Different Google Webmaster Tools helps focus on significant data such as crawl stats, page errors, rich snippets, etc.

Additionally, GWT can also be used for basic improvements related to on-page SEO. Below are six ways Google webmaster affects your SEO campaign:

  • HTML Improvements

User can find suggested HTML improvements under search appearance. This specific report enables the user to have a snapshot of any issues with the Meta descriptions and title tags of any website, in addition to the details of any particular web page content that hasn’t been indexed by the search engine.

In the industry of Search engine optimization, its pivotal to have unprecedented Meta descriptions and correct title tags which should be fully optimized. This specific report enables the user to identify title tag/meta description issues easily and prioritize their efforts.

For instance, while clicking on the “Duplicate title tags” link, user would be redirected to a screen listing all web pages containing duplicate title tags, allowing the user an easy and feasible way to optimize page titles that need to be updated.

  • Content Keywords

You can find content keywords tool under Google Index on the search console (webmaster). This tool enables you to determine pointers that can affect the way the search foresee your website.

It presents the keywords that you are using on your website along with their different possible variations and importance. These data will help you conclude if you need to go for more keyword oriented content for some specific keywords, themes or topics. It also gives you an idea of the pages where the keywords will appear on.

  • Structured Data

Structured data is one of the most important tools to explain the content of your website to Google. It plays a significant role in improvising the SERP ranking and traffic. If you have structured data on your site, Google webmaster contains a feature that displays the type of structured data that was been detected on your site, in addition to the URLs containing each type of structured data. You can easily find this report under Search Appearance on Google webmaster.

  • Data Markup Helper

You can find the structured data markup helper under Other Resources. It enables you to tag the data fields for a number of things like events, products and more on your site. If you are a beginner and are unsure of where to start with structured markup, you need to understand that this is a user-friendly point-and-click tool. The best part is that you don’t need to make changes in HTML.

  • Sitemaps

The Sitemaps section enables you to view all the sitemaps found by Google or added by you in addition to the different usable stats. For instance, details of the pages indexed by Google.

  • Removing URLs

If you need to mitigate a URL from the indexing procedure, you can use this specific feature of Google Webmaster. You can find this option under “Google Index” link. While using this tool, you need to be aware that you should only use this if you want to remove a URL on a permanent basis. Regardless, if you want to redirect a certain URL, you shouldn’t use this option. Additionally, you can also request expedited removal of any URL which displays any sort of confidential information such as banking details. Hence, this option is helpful to prevent any unwanted indexing of a certain page of the website.