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How to Improve Your Brand's Social Media Presence - Media Ira Corp.

How to Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have long been, and continue to be the reigning MVPs. While there are several other social media platforms in the market that provide an excellent user experience, they just do not rank at the top of the social media hierarchy. Similarly, when it comes to brands’ online presence, specifically social media presence, not every brand reaches the same level of success as Wendy’s and GoPro for example, both of which generate millions of impressions with every post.

Indeed, reaching the level of Wendy’s and GoPro is a monstrous task, but improving your brand’s social media presence doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways you can improve your brand’s social media presence without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into it.

  • Identify Your Audience

A common mistake brands make when trying to grow their business online is trying to appeal to the general public as a whole, as opposed to specifically targeting their audience. This is a strategy that is doomed to fail every time. Social media is a pool of users with a diverse range of interests, many of whom are not even interested in the products or services your brand offers. There is no point in trying to convert an audience that is not interested in your product or service. Identify your audience and post content that speaks to and is relevant to your defined audience.

  • Build Relationships

The number of followers a brand has on its social media profiles is not relevant. Period. What matters is having high quality, loyal followers that engage regularly with your account, limited as they may be. The beauty of social media platforms like Twitter is that it allows the brand to directly engage with their followers at theirs and the follower’s convenience. Just remember to directly engage with as many followers as possible to build personal connections.

  • Focus On Helping, Not Selling

Now obviously, the reason your brand is on social media is to sell its products or services to the broader audience that is reachable through social media platforms. However, if every other post is about how great your products and services are, your followers are quickly going to lose interest in your social media profile. People can easily visit your brand’s website to buy or book your products and services; they don’t need to follow your social media handle for that. Focus on helping your customers by responding to their queries in a timely manner – if a customer is having trouble with your product or website, resolve it promptly. These attributes are what make customers want to follow your social media profile, whereas hard selling your product with every post will likely just turn them off.

  • Post Visual Content Regularly

As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. This couldn’t be truer than on social media. What better way than creative and unique visual content to capture the attention of followers routinely scrolling through their social media feeds? Visually appealing posts not only garner more attention than a simple text post, but studies have shown that people are more likely to share visually appealing content to their friends and family compared to text posts. Being visual-heavy on platforms like Instagram and TikTok is an excellent way to not only engage with your followers, but potentially attract new followers as well.

Once you incorporate the above suggestions, enhancing your brand’s social media presence will seem easier. Remember, you don’t always have to invest thousands of dollars to be successful on social media! Use this blog post as a helpful guide for enhancing your brand’s presence on social media, and you will soon discover the many benefits and opportunities social media provides businesses.