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The 4 Most Efficient Ways to Grow Your Business’ Instagram Following - Media Ira Corp.

The 4 Most Efficient Ways to Grow Your Business’ Instagram Following

Instagram has boomed in popularity in recent years, and although it’s been a rising star since it was founded, recent years have seen astronomical growth in its user base. Not every new user on Instagram is someone who has just purchased their first smartphone, in fact, a significant number of businesses now have a social media presence. More specifically for this blog, many businesses have put a lot of focus on their Instagram presence, and it is not hard to understand why. Instagram is a visual-specific platform that offers businesses multiple ways to engage their followers through stories, IGTV, and of course a standard feed, and since visuals make for better marketing strategies, Instagram is the preferred choice for businesses.

Here is how you can grow your businesses Instagram follower count quickly and without too much hassle:

  • Optimize Your Bio

One of the common mistakes made by businesses is not making full use of the 150-character limit provided by Instagram in their bio. A bio is crucial for businesses to convey to its potential followers what their business is about and how to contact them.

A clear bio is a great way to attract potential customers, but it also allows existing customers to reach out to you directly via “action buttons”. You can prompt customers to call, text, get directions, email, book, reserve, buy tickets, or start order. Businesses can also use the bio for promoting their branded hashtag as well.

  • Post Regularly and Consistently

Consistency is key, not just in life but on Instagram as well. A business that posts consistently and at ideal times, scores higher in the Instagram algorithm, which results in their profile being suggested by Instagram to more users. A tried and true strategy is posting at least one piece of content every day at an ideal time.

Now, you may be asking, what is an ideal time? Can’t I just post anytime and be done with it?  The ideal time is when your business’s audience is most active. Use Instagram’s Insight feature to find out your followers’ most active time and post content daily at that time for optimal traction.

  • Exploit Instagram’s Algorithm

Instagram has a comprehensive algorithm that determines which posts are seen by which people. Now, Instagram is always making changes and updates to its algorithm, but the essential points remain the same. If you learn how to best make use of these points, you can efficiently market your business to a broader audience.

Instagram’s target is to suggest the best possible content to users based on the following six factors:

  1. User interests
  2. Timing of the post
  3. Commonly engaged accounts
  4. Frequency using the Instagram app
  5. Accounts followed by the user
  6. The time spent by the user on the Instagram app

Now, obviously, you cannot control most of these factors, but by creating high-quality content that would be of interest to your potential followers, you might be able to get better results growing your following.

  • Experiment With Different Content Types

As previously mentioned, Instagram is much more than just a photo posting app; you can achieve a lot by using IGTV, Reels and stories, and features that are offered by Instagram. It’s best to experiment with these features and make the most out of them by finding out what works best for your business profile.

Taking your business to the next level using social media seems easy now, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to take action and use the above points to grow your brand’s Instagram following!