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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - Media Ira Corp.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

In today’s time, social media platforms are a tremendous asset to organizations, nonprofits, and businesses of all kinds. People can reach new users, form constant and engaged followers, and continually associate and interact with target audience at virtually no cost. These platforms make it easy to set up your account and the possibilities to reach your targeted audience are endless with social media!

As easy as it may seem to set up a social media account for your brand, there is a whole lot of work that goes into maintaining those account. Companies often hire or outsource ‘Social Media Experts’ to manage their social media presence. These experts have years of knowledge on these platforms, know what works and what does, but most importantly they tend to keep up with ever-changing social media trends and strategies. With social media platforms, what worked a year ago may no longer be a valid strategy. As the audience gets more social media savvy, the higher their expectations are of the content they see on these platforms.

While some brands really work out of the box and find distinctive ways to hamper their social media marketing by having, even for them the upkeep with social media can prove to be a challenge. Small errors, such as, not paying attention to negative reviews/feedback from customers to improve their content/product/services or not proofread content they put out, can sometimes put brands in Jeopardy.

Below is a list of errors that are most commonly made with social media marketing. We’ll discuss in detail what these entail and how to avoid them for your brand’s social media.

Not Using Original Visuals

Undoubtedly, it is considered a huge mistake and a copyright issue when you use images/video content that don’t belong to you. Additionally, if you often rely on your existing shared content and continue to re-share the same content often, you can easily lose your audience’s interest.

Creating original visuals provides you new content to share, shows originality and creativity, and gives you a voice in your field. Presenting new content to the online social world rather than only recycling what’s already posted there can help in increasing the likelihood amongst your audience.

You Only Use One Type of Content

This is another mistake that can be often be observed if you’re using the same type of content over and over again. It makes your account too predictable and can lead to monotony for your audience. To a certain extent, you do want to have a ‘theme’ for your brand on the social media platforms so the right audience can follow you for the right reasons.

However, being dynamic in your content and creativity goes a long way in building a stronger connection with your followers. Typically, the audience likes to see a distinct variety of content as it keeps things interesting and keeps them engaged.

Ignoring to Customize Your Posts for Each Individual Platform

The kind of content people consume on one platform such as Instagram is different from from what they consume on another such as LinkedIn.

Typically, users on LinkedIn are more willing to read lengthy posts and click on valuable resources, whereas Instagram users may be more likely to scroll through their feeds promptly.

Each social media platform has its unique methods of consumption, best practices and user behaviors that you need to be aware of to succeed on these platforms. You can use the same concept and content on the various platforms, but the way you present for the audience needs to be customized for each platform. This can vary from visual to long form to short form content, depending on your intention and audience’s consumption habit on each of the platforms.

Not knowing How the Algorithms Work

All social media platforms are build on an algorithm. What your audience sees is a result of what the algorithm dictates. Ignoring research about the algorithm of each of the platforms can hurt you in the long run. With social media the algorithms are ever changing based on how audience is consuming content. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with how you business can align to work with the algorithm so you can be top of feed for your audience.

Periodically do your research on any news articles that refer to algorithm changes that are upcoming or have recently been executed for the various social media platforms. Modify your social media content and growth strategy accordingly, so you can optimize opportunities where possible.

Having an Incomplete Profile

Most social media platforms provide you the tools you need to provide all the key information about your business to the audience on your profile. Often business ignore optimizing these tools to their advantage and miss out on opportunities as a result.

Simple things, such as, adding your phone number, email, website URL, on your business’s social media  platform can make it easier for your audience to contact or make purchases with your business. Taking this a step further, you can ‘Brandify’ your profiles but using your business’s logo, colour schemes consistent with your brand, etc.

Not paying enough attention to your business’s social media presence is a huge opportunity missed. In this day and age, social media platforms are one of the most important tools to connect with your audience and build a loyal consumer base. It helps you focus on building quality customers base, which can almost be more important than quantity depending on your business.

Looking for someone to manage your social media presence? Reach out to Media Ira today and let us take Social Media Management off your plate so you can focus on your product/service!