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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2021 - Media Ira Corp.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2021

In today’s world of Digital Marketing, Social Media is an invincible and inevitable part of it. One cannot ignore social media as a part of their marketing strategy. Nearly every top brand has a strong web presence. With large amount of population consuming social media, it offers an incredible opportunity to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty through social media. However a good question constantly arises, are brands using enough of these social media platforms to increase their revenue? You can use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other such platforms to expand the growth of your business. In turn, through good social media marketing, you can increase your reach and therefore revenue.

In this article we will review top 5 Social Media marketing strategies to consider for your business in 2021.

  1. Brands with a focus on brand values and mission will rise – In 2021 the focus on the environment, health, and ethical responsibility is seeing an upsurge. The strategy of implementing socio-economic, health or environmental awareness will help the brands in being seen in a positive light. In 2021 social media brands that share their business mission with a holistic impact have a greater opportunity to connect with their audience. This helps in building brand recognition.
  1. Quality content will rule in 2021 – If your content has the quality to hold the readers then nothing can stop you from reaching your audience. Quality content can solely win half the battle. This strategy of implementing engaging quality content that feeds interest and educates the readers will lead to increase in follower count and thus the engagement with your brand. Content serves as the backbone of any digital mission. It is through content that the reader or viewer can be informed about the vision and mission of a brand.
  1. Influencer marketing is an at all time high – An influencer is considered someone with a large following and a strong influencer over their audience pertaining to a specific niche. Brands are increasingly looking to collaborate with influencers with a significant social media following on platform including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube to get their message across organically to their audience. Working with an influencer gives a brand the opportunity to get creative content and a different perspective to how their brand is communicated to their target audience. I influencer marketing also presents an economic advantage where a brand can leverage the creatives designed by the influencer and market to their followers. The influencer market is both economical as well as effective in terms of raising brand awareness and brand likability.
  1. Mobile friendly – Your brand’s website or any web presence should be mobile-friendly. Nowadays especially in this era the UI and UX, all websites should be mobile friendly as that’s where majority of the population browse through and consumes content. Desktop is not an all-time viable option. Ensure to review how your content is portrayed on a mobile devices whether it’s for your website, social media, or any other online or digital platform.
  2. Copywriting – This concept will never go obsolete. Even in 2021, this is as relevant as 5 years ago. You can write a long post on your service, product, or company on social media with a strong click through message and your audience will still be receptive to the messaging. A good copy for your website or social media posts can help build a strong connection with your audience. The images and videos generally bring a visualization aspect, whereas text copy brings in the relatability factor, which is important to build brand loyalty. Both go hand in hand and are an important part of your overall content strategy that feeds into your marketing strategy.