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What makes local SEO important for your local business in 2021? - Media Ira Corp.

What makes local SEO important for your local business in 2021?

Today, almost every business is uses digital tactics to promote their brand with the end goal of generating higher sales. One of the most crucial components of marketing online is search engine optimization. This is especially true for local businesses looking to reach audience that are in their area of business. Let’s take a deeper dive into what local SEO is.

What is local SEO? 

The process of improving search engine visibility for local businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations is covered under Local SEO. When the best practices are followed, businesses are able to improve their organic traffic tremendously. The searches performed by customers in nearby areas will take them to the local business.

Local search information gathered by search engines depends upon the local content, links, citations, social media pages, etc., to offer relevant local results to the users. Local business, when using local SEO, are able to position their products and services first and foremost to local customers who are searching for them.

Local SEO Tips

Engage on social media: Content shared on social media is considered more important by Google than before. After getting a Google My Business page, share the page on social media as this will help in aligning the social media content and search.

Add posts to Google My Business: Google shares more content that it can support and verify. Google My Business tool allows your business to get the help it needs in reaching out to customers. To know whether you are optimized for Google My Business, you’ll want to:

Once your business is verified as authentic, the search engine will populate your business in relate searches.

The name, address, and phone number of your business must be consistent online: When promoting your business locally, you have to make it easier for people and search engines to find you. This will be possible only when you will set up your NAP, which stands for name, address, and phone number.

Optimize online directories and citations: Consistency is the key. You must verify that your citations are consistent. Any discrepancies like misspelling, abbreviations, wrong phone numbers, etc. can be problematic for the search engine.

Local SEO audit is a must: Always remember that SEO is an ongoing and intuitive process. So, you must perform an audit to see where exactly your website stands and what more should be done in order to achieve set goals and rank higher in the search engines.

Improve internal linking structure: External links that point towards your website are ideal but when you adjust your internal linking structure, it boosts your SEO ranking. Internal linking supports website navigation, assists with information architecture and website hierarch, and distributes page authority and ranking power among pages.

Add location pages to your website: If you are more diversified in your business operation and there is more than one brick and mortar location, create location pages. Location pages shows your prospective customers your name, address, phone numbers, store hours, parking information, testimonials, etc. Try to avoid duplicating content across multiple location pages.

  • Set up and verify a Google My Business page.
  • Use Google Posts within your account.
  • Ask and encourage your customers to share reviews online.
  • Respond to the reviews.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly: Mobile search and local search are two peas in a pod. If someone is looking for your store, they could very well be using their mobile phone to make that search. Make it easy for your customers by having a mobile friendly website.