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8 Ways to Build an Effective Business Website - Media Ira Corp.

8 Ways to Build an Effective Business Website

8 Ways to Build an Effective Business Website

Nowadays, going digital is necessary for businesses. Every business should invest in a strong online presence to distinguish itself. With the onset of the pandemic and no-contact transactions gaining popularity, there’s a number of websites and different business portals on the internet. To stand out from your competitors, the best value lies in an attractive business website. Read on to see 8 ways to build an effective website that stands out:

1.Customer First' Development

The conventional practice of building a web portal would be to first consider the product or service that you’re offering and design the website around that concept. That paradigm has now shifted to a customer-first approach. Think of the problem that the product or service solves and the demographic of users who will be utilizing it. What would they want to see? The website development begins from this perspective.

2.Responsive & Fluid Design

The highest internet traffic comes from users on mobile devices. This means that most customers would be visiting the website while on the go. Therefore, the website should be responsive across various devices, being user friendly is a key aspect of this. The website content should be legible and positioned to catch each visitor’s eye.

3.Contextual Content

The average visitor will not spend more than a few minutes on a web page. If the information isn’t found to be relevant, you risk losing that customer. This creates the need for quality content. The customer’s attention should be captivated for the length and duration that they spend on the website.

4.User Experience

User Experience

The look and feel of the website should be tailored to the users. Overall navigation, layout, number of clicks or pages that need to be navigated in the user journey should be well thought out. The more seamless the user experience, the greater the customer’s pull to the website will be.

5.Social Media Marketing

A great degree of internet bandwidth is now occupied by social media outlets. No B2C marketing is complete without social media campaigns. A thoughtfully designed campaign has great potential to highlight the website during each customer’s visit.

6.SEO Hooks

Google is everywhere – on our phones, on our computers, even in our day to day tasks. Nobody makes a purchase without at least one online search. Therefore, it’s important to carry out search engine optimization exercises to organically place the website high on the search results page.

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7.Internet Advertising

Another good way to increase traffic is placing advertisements thoughtfully in relevant areas of the internet; e.g., placement of an online course ad on the Naukri portal. When done well, this has the potential to multiply your internet traffic.

8.Integrated Digital Marketing

It pays to have an integrated digital marketing plan that holistically covers all the above and ties the website together.

Your website is the face of your business, and its always a good practice to work with professionals who can design and develop your website for you. Experts understand the website design process and details that need to be taken care of so your website runs perfectly and as per your needs. With Media Ira, you can rely on us to create the website that you envision for your business!

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