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What is the Metaverse? - Media Ira Corp.

What is the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse?

Have you ever considered a parallel reality where you could be doing things, going places, and meeting new people – all from the comfort of your own home? The Metaverse, in very simple terms, is just that; only that it exists on a much larger scale and is connected to many other devices, networks, and platforms.

How Does the Metaverse Work?

Working of Metaverse

The building blocks of the Metaverse are the fundamentals of the Internet: things such as network, multiple participants, servers, devices, computing devices, and end-users. However, it’s a more evolved version of all this. Just like social media has connected all of us into sharing moments of our lives and experiences, the Metaverse is expected to help us create digital avatars of ourselves in a 3D virtual world where we live a digital existence but also interact with other avatars in ways and manners that we would in the physical world. This can be achieved through augmented and virtual reality devices, hologram projectors, haptic sensors, and IoT-enabled devices. 

How is the Metaverse Different?

While there are some video games offering a very limited digital gamification experience, the Metaverse is projected to be the superset of gaming. Consider having a digital extension of yourself who can buy a virtual jacket and tie from an online store, connect with a few friends for a coffee, and then go to a music concert – all without leaving your home. The online store, the café, and the concert venues are all different Metaverse entities transacting in this virtual space – this brings to the front the biggest USP of the Metaverse – interoperability of digital businesses and consumers.

What Opportunities Metaverse Present?

Digital Marketing Opportunities

Due to the immense potential that the Metaverse packs it is being touted as the next big thing since the introduction of the internet. The biggest opportunity is a virtual space filled with brands, digital avatars, venues, stores, and events – a whole online existence! This presents immense digital marketing opportunities. UX creation can make your online presence stand out by making its store stand apart from all other content hubs that draw digital visitors. Since the user journey in the Metaverse will be more immersive and 3D in nature. It offers new ways of appealing to the senses that are exciting and vibrant. 

How will Businesses thrive on the Metaverse?

Business will thrive on the Metaverse by going digital and making use of Omnichannel. The first step is to establish a robust digital presence through well-designed portals, content-rich user gateways, and well-marketed brands. The next step would be to be cross-device compatible and adopt end-to-end Digital Marketing services.