SEO Writing: 10 Tips for Creating Google-Friendly Blog Posts

Are you wondering how to write user and search engine-friendly content? If yes, then you need to know some tips we mentioned in this guide. Check the details below:

  1. Follow the guideline of search engines:

Google is the major search engine that is used by people all over the world. You should follow the guidelines of Google to make effective Blog Posts. As per guidelines, marketers should post content that is user-friendly and relevant to the query of users. 

  • Find good and useful Blog Topics:

If you choose a long and catchy Blog Topic, it gives the idea about the information you want to share with users. 

  • Use long-tail keywords:

Finding a good topic is a must, but you should try to insert long-tail keywords in the post to make it easy for the Google bot to know what the post is all about. Using these long-tail keywords, you can easily reach the target audience interested in your service or product. 

  • Try to choose header tags:

The Google algorithm likes to index those posts which are easy to understand. If you add elements such as title, H1 tag, H2 tag, and H3 to H6 tags to your post, there are chances to get top ranks in search engines as Googlebot easily understands what this Blog Post is all about by noticing the title and header tags.

  • Add images with descriptions:

 It’s hard for bots to see images, but an image description can provide an exact idea about the image. You can get added benefits if you add plenty of images to your posts.

  • Add videos and brand logo:

Videos can easily attract your target audience, and your brand logo makes it easy for your users to find you. 

  • Internal links between Blog Posts:

If you internally link relevant blog posts on your websites, users may spend a lot of time on your website. It means this is a user-friendly approach, and the Google algorithm is all about making things easier for its users. Users spending more time on your website helps decrease bounce rates.

  • Don’t forget to write an effective meta description:

Writing quality meta descriptions is all about summarizing your posts. You can grab readers’ attention by writing effective and impressive meta descriptions (Title and description). You should be careful while writing the title tag as it appears in search results. 

  • Post length:

If you want to write SEO, Google, and user-friendly posts, then Blog Posts should be about 800 to 2000 words. If it is about a specific topic, it should be lengthy and cover all the aspects of the concerned topics. 

  1. Create well-crafted content:

It is important to address the specific needs of the users or readers, so you should research to write an informative and effective Blog Post.


If you want to write Google-friendly Blog Posts, you should take care of the length, words, title, meta description, and more.