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Marketing Trends for Short-Form Videos in 2022 - Media Ira Corp.

Marketing Trends for Short-Form Videos in 2022

Short-form videos refer to videos conveying messages within a short time. An interactive and funny message in a short video can engage the audience as it feels relatable, more people tend to view them. It can increase the willingness of a customer to trust a company and boost the company’s reputation. You can find short-form videos on popular social media platforms such as YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, Google videos, or Pinterest videos that can attract more consumers to the brand. It aids in spreading awareness about the brand or services.

Marketers need to reduce the time needed to send messages to customers with such videos. The trends making waves in the short-form videos can help you get an idea of what customers like. You can use it in your marketing to make your brand popular. Media Ira can help you know the trends in the market. It includes:

Social Media Video Ads

Social media advertising has become one of the most promising marketing strategies. You can create short videos and publish them on your social media handle to increase brand recognition. It will make your brand reach a broader audience resulting in an increase in traffic to your online store or website.

Behind The Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scene videos always capture the interest of people. You can use the technique to capture the company’s processes. Such videos can reflect the passionate and dedicated nature of your services. You can explore various angles while making behind-the-scenes videos. It can include a tour of your company, a demo of the products/services, team-building events, or amusing blooper reels.

Influencer Ads

There are influencers on social media platforms with numerous followers. You can seek their assistance to improve your brand’s visibility. Making short videos of influencers recommending your product or service can boost your marketing campaign and helps in broadening your customer base. More people are likely to check out your product or services when the influencer they trust recommends it.

Educational/Explanatory Videos

Among the short videos, educational or explainer videos with animation have captured the interest of people. It can act as an effective option to convey complicated concepts to the audience better. Your brand can build loyalty and generate more leads by adding the educational piece to the marketing strategy.

A well-crafted explainer video has the power to influence the customers and can impact the purchase-making decision. A video educating and solving the doubts of customers can make the brand trustworthy, aiding in building brand loyalty.

Brand Challenges

The social media platforms used the challenges video to ensure user participation. You can use it in your marketing strategy by encouraging people to make videos of specific challenges linked to your business or services. More and more people will take up such challenges and thus, attracting people to your company.