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A graphic design guide for small businesses: How to stand out economically! - Media Ira Corp.

A graphic design guide for small businesses: How to stand out economically!

Design is irreplaceable. Given that it has a way of bringing itself out in multiple ways, it is indeed surprising how everything has an aspect of design intertwined in our lives. Graphic design, on the other hand, is a niche market where affordability takes a hit for small markets. 

We need the design to make our products sell themselves. However, when the dependency on design is all the brand USP depends on, it becomes challenging for small businesses. We are here to explore how you can make the best use of graphic design and do so in an economic way!

How to use graphic design to your brand’s advantage?

Building a brand is the heart and soul of any business. That is how people know you and your products. However, auditory media and products can only help so much. It is the visuals that create a lasting impression and a much-needed recall value. So how do you engage brands? How do you keep an audience captivated?

  1. Go for that logo

Your logo is your identity. It needs to define you. It is a great visual mark to create an identity. Hire a good graphic designer or a branding consultant who can help you choose and finalize the logo of your company. Not only can you get it for a few hundred dollars, but you also make sure it will have a recall value. Do not invest heavily in a complex logo that nobody understands. Keep it simple and crisp, which can sustain for a long time.

  1. Colour palette matters 

Colours are known to affect the psychological behaviors of people. A soothing and pleasant colour tone makes people feel welcome, whereas aggressive colours can invoke a different reaction. Communicate mood, action, and choices using the right colour tone. If you are playful, go for bright palettes; if you are a food brand, choose colours that are inviting; and if you are a formal and professional brand, choose colours that are neutral such as blue, black, or grey.

  1. Consistency is the key

When you identify a logo, you instantly identify the brand. However, if you keep changing it, it builds a different perception of the brand. Therefore, you need to stay consistent and commit to the logo for at least a significant duration such that it shows your commitment to your brand and product.

  1. Building a brand on a budget

Design and branding are dependent on your budget at all times. You can create a design and a brand with as little capital as possible or even splurge as much as you need. However, if you are a small brand, money becomes essential. Therefore, you can have ideas and tools, but executing them on a budget is what you need to keep in mind.

  1. Use free online tools

When you have time but not money, spend that instead on researching and finding graphic design tools which have ready-to-use templates, free editing tools, and amazing help community. This will help you save much-needed time if you run into issues or customizations.

  1. Identify your audience

Design is always for your end user and how they perceive the brand. You can have a design sequence for children but not for a professional domain. Your audience needs to understand what your brand stands for and that requires captivating them with the right kind of design.

  1. Have an aesthetic for social media

Random posts and random sequences only make the page look more chaotic. Instead, you can always choose a specific template and an aesthetic for your social media page, such that even basic promotions scream your brand.

  1. Be consistent with typefaces

Typeface or fonts need to be consistent across your posts such that it reinforces the visual appeal of your brand.