Creating Google-friendly blog posts: 10 tips for SEO writing

The content you create must attract the attention of and engage the audience. To attract the audience to your posts, you need to pay attention to SEO. SEO can play a big role in boosting the rank of your post which will make them visible in the search engine page results. How can you create search engine-friendly or Google-friendly posts? Here are some of the tips you can follow:

#1 Keep Audience In Your Mind

While writing content for your blog, always select a topic that can engage the targeted audience. The information you provide must address the questions and concerns of the customers. The post must focus on your brand or must relate to the industry.

#2 Decide The Structure Of The Blog Post

You should have a clear idea of the structure of the blog post. Try to split the blog post into various parts as it becomes easier to write and understand it. Write a short and effective post that most people find easier to read in one sitting.  A readable SEO optimized blog post has the following structure:

  • An introduction to shed light on the topic
  • The main body containing the message you wish to convey
  • A conclusion to summarize the ideas you come up with

#3 Choose Headings Packing A Punch

To make a big impression, you should choose an effective heading with keyword-rich phrases.  Using proper headings will help the audience understand the section better. Break the headings into subheadings to help readers get a clear picture. Headings and subheadings will also boost the SEO. You must also include meta descriptions that will keep the audience engaged.

#4 Include Keyword-Rich Phrases

When you write a blog, include keywords in the headings, subheadings, and throughout the content. It will help the search engine and people learn more about your blog post. While placing a keyword has significance, avoid keyword stuffing. Too many keywords can make readers turn away from your blog post. Use the keywords thoughtfully throughout the post.

#5 Include Images

You can make your post engaging and interesting with images.  Visuals can keep the blog post impressive. You can add graphs, videos, infographics, statistics, and elements of media apart from images to boost the quality of your blog post. Adding images can also help you promote the content on an image-focused social media platform like Pinterest. It will increase the traffic to your website.

#6 Promote The Content On Social Media

Social media has become an effective tool to promote your content online. Sharing the content on the social media platform can help improve the visibility of the blog post and reach more people. Include share buttons on the blog post to increase its reach online.

#7 Google Authorship Implementation

It is a vital step that can connect your blog post to the author. When you implement Google Authorship, the blog articles posted can come up as rich snippets in the Google search results. Apart from promoting the author, it also increases the click-through rates of blog articles.

#8 Give Significance To Link Building

Add links to make your content more trustworthy. You should also focus on link building. You can link your post with other articles on your website. You can also embed links in the videos or infographics to boost content sharing.

#9 Post Blogs Frequently

Adding a blog post to the website can ensure it remains active. An active website always attracts the attention of Google. Google search engine crawls less time when your website remains inactive. It will affect your SEO rankings.

#10 Monitor Your Activity

You can stay on top by monitoring the efforts using Google Analytics. You can use this tool to track the page views and the average time user spends on the blog post.

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