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Where is Metaverse headed in 2023? - Media Ira Corp.

Where is Metaverse headed in 2023?

The introduction of the metaverse created huge ripples in the world. The concept of developing a virtual world where every person could connect and interact with others like the real world while sitting on their couches seemed interesting. The task of realizing this vision can take more time. But, many companies like Nvidia and Microsoft have developed metaverse environments to work and collaborate on digital projects. Also, many believe in the decentralized internet and have started experimenting with NFTs (NFTs), the vital parts of the metaverse. The metaverse concept may add five trillion USD to the global economy by 2030. 2023 seems like a crucial year for the metaverse as it can act as a key to defining its direction. Metaverse can become significant in the following ways in 2023.

New Marketing Channel

The metaverse can take advertising and marketing using search engines and social media to another level. Many businesses have built a metaverse space for marketing and promoting their products. JP Morgan, HSBC, Gucci, and Nike have developed their metaverse presence online. Due to their high appeal, many businesses have opted for this path. It can engage and connect customers who always look for something more when they wish to choose a business. In 2023, more businesses can focus on metaverse to improve customer experience with one-to-one connection and better communications.

Remote Running Of Business

The metaverse can also provide the tools, platforms, and accessibility to the virtual worlds to conduct business efficiently. It provides a remote and intelligent setting to run the business with ease. Merging virtual simulations with real-world products, people, or operations can help businesses test and prototype new ideas. It provides a safe environment within the digital domain to support the business.

Web3 And Decentralization

The metaverse can speed up the vision of creating a decentralized space online. The use of distributed ledgers and blockchain technology can transform the internet. The control of the internet will leave the hands of global corporations. Hence, these corporations cannot censor public opinion when it fails to meet their views. It also eliminates suspending the accounts of people due to having different ideas. Also, 2023 can see more brands using NFT technology to create digital goods that interested people can buy, display, or trade using the metaverse.

New Gadgets And Avatar

To support the next level of the internet, you can see new versions of VR (virtual reality) headsets from top companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. It will support the ideas that will look stunning in augmented or virtual reality. Next year can also become crucial for advanced avatar technology. You can see avatars to represent yourself on social media platforms or in video games. While it may not exist in the real world, it can look fantastic.