Reasons Why Google Ads and Facebook Ads Work Perfectly Together

Reasons Why Google Ads and Facebook Ads Work Perfectly Together

Most digital marketing solutions include using Google and social media networks to post ads for your organization to make it more visible. Among the various social media network options, Facebook has become one of the sought-after marketing channels for the business. Instead of using Google and Facebook separately, you can pair them for more impactful results. You can overcome the risk of creating a stunted and neglected funnel. Why should you consider pairing Google ads and Facebook ads? Here are the reasons:

Invoke Brand Searches Using Facebook, Close The Deal Using Google

When you publish an ad on Facebook, people may feel curious. Instead of clicking on the link provided on the Facebook ad, people search for details of your company on Google. You can use this mentality by converting cold audiences to close the deal. You can use the brand name as a keyword in Google search campaigns. It must also match the message you have included in the Facebook ads. This step can ensure visitors find your company on Google. You can strengthen your marketing message by including keywords in Google content. It also reflects the reliable nature of your business.

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Use Facebook Ad Headlines As Keywords

You can use the brand name as the keyword to take the marketing efforts to the next level. You can create a catchy headline that can work better than the brand name. It can register in the minds of people and generate more direct searches. You can include a catchy headline in the Facebook ads that will create interest in the minds of people. It can lead to a lot of easy conversions.

Retarget Your Customers With Their Search Options

Facebook ads and Google ads can help in cross-platform retargeting. You can retarget the customers who came looking for your company on Google from Facebook ads and the other way around. You can use Facebook retargeting to connect with users who have clicked the search ads. It helps pique the interest of customers as you retarget them with what they searched for.

Find And Target People Having Similar Searches Like Your Customers

To expand your customer base, you must target new customers with similar likes. You can use the data of the existing ideal customer to take the next action. This data can act as a base for the Lookalike Audience. Facebook can generate Lookalike Audience using the data of your existing customers and use it on Google. It can boost your paid search marketing effort by creating a wider targeted audience.

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